Things We Should Know About High-Security Shredders

High-Security Shredder -Security Level Cut Type Bin Capacity Auto Feed Feature 

If you are wondering why shredders are a hot topic and why having it in your workspace or at home is crucial. The answer is security. In this day and age, securing data is becoming quite challenging. Therefore, high-security paper shredders are purchased by businesses and government organizations to destroy sensitive papers including financial, confidential, or medical information. Even the National Security Agency (NSA) has issued instructions on how data must be met. If government-affiliated businesses do not invest in high-security paper shredders, they are putting themselves in danger of a security breach. Any firm or brand that has experienced a security breach in the past is likely to lose 40% of its customers. If the firm is hired by the government, it will be investigated and its operations will be suspended until the investigation is completed. This can result in significant financial losses for the corporation, as well as the termination of government contracts.

So while you are wondering if you can get your hands on high-security shredders, we are here to say, “yes”. We provide you with NSA-approved high-security shredders to keep you and your loved ones safe from security breaches. While your organization might not require a high-security shredder if not compelled by the law, we do provide a variety of security levels for you to go through.

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What Is The Required Security Level?

When looking at a paper shredder's specs, the security level is of crucial importance that is generally accompanied by a DIN classification. For instance, DIN P-1 or DIN P-3 but what exactly does it imply? The DIN P-level is part of the official German DIN 66399 standard (from 2012), which is an international standard for safe data media shredding produced by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), or German Institute for Standardization.

DIN 66399 (before DIN 32757) classifies the security levels for six media categories. Such as hard drives (H), optical media (O), magnetic data media (T), and paper-based products (P). There are seven security levels for papers. The levels range from DIN P-1 to DIN P-7. The higher the DIN level, the smaller the shred size.

If a shredder manufacturer states that their machine fulfills level 6 of security criteria, it indicates that it shreds documents into particles no larger than one millimeter wide by 4.7 millimeters long, resulting in about 15,500 fragments. Shred particles of this size resemble a mulch of papers, ensuring that papers put into these level 6 high-security shredders are permanently illegible and can not be reassembled.

A shredder usually uses the classification system of P-2 through P-7 but CBM also has shredders that have the DIN security level of O-3, O-6, F-2, T-4, and T-5.

What Can It Shred And At What Speed?

Now that the importance of having a high-security shredder has been established, let us tell you what material you can destroy using your fancy shredder. A good high-security shredder can not only shred paper but also badges, bound files, CD/DVDs, credit cards, floppy disks, paper, paper clips, paper stacks, staples, USB flash drives, and ID cards.

The speed and power of the shredders give you an idea of how many documents you can shred in a day. A high-speed, high-power security shredding machine can shred a large number of documents in a short span.

At CBM, we have high-security shredders that are capable of shredding material from 5 (ft./min.) to 50 (ft./min.)

Ideal Sheet and Waste Bin Capacity

Since the waste bin’s capacity is directly related to the shredder’s size. High-capacity shredders generally have larger waste bins so they do not have to be emptied daily, even after heavy use.

The sheet capacity indicates the maximum number of sheets that may be put into the shredder at one time. The difference between getting pages destroyed and returning to your workstation and need to stake out a seat by the shredder for an overnight vigil. Sheet capacity is not proportional to shredder size, unlike shredder size. High sheet capacities are found in several small and medium-sized shredders. The sheet capacity of some big shredders is limited.

This is the point at which you pause to examine the number of documents you need to shred. Do you need to shred large amounts of paper regularly? Is it possible that a shredder with a lesser sheet capacity will suffice? Selecting a shredder with the appropriate sheet capacity will decrease wait times, boost productivity, and alleviate workplace stress.

Which Cut-Type Is More Secure?

A shredder's level of security is generally determined by the cut type and size. When choosing a high-security paper shredder, you have a variety of cuts to pick from the point of importance is that each cutting method provides varying levels of security. There are three different cut types: Strip-cut, cross-cut, and Micro-cut. Micro-cut particle size can be 5mm2/0.01in2. As a result, they are classified as high-security paper shredders.

At CBM, we offer high-security shredders that are capable of shredding material into super micro-cut type as well as NSA-approved cut type.

Why Auto-Feeding In Shredders Is Important?

Automatic shredding helps you to execute important material while saving you time to focus on other urgent tasks. Therefore, the time it takes to shred the same quantity of paper automatically is often longer than it takes to shred the same quantity of paper manually.

At CBM, we have auto-feed shredders that can be locked to ensure security. They are designed to secure (lock away) un-shredded documents and automatically unlock the machine once the process is completed. This is a genuine fully automatic solution, as shredding can truly be completed without any supervision. The locking capability differs in shredders. While some might have a 4-digit lock and others might have a key for the lock.

The Added features That Matters

Most manufacturer’s high-security shredders include many of the same features that are found in the rest of their product lines. For instance, the great majority feature automatically on and off functions that allow the user to leave the machine on in a sort of standby status until it needs to be used. The user can then just place the document into the feed opening and walk away knowing that what they just placed in the machine will never be read again

Many of these shredders also include features such as automatic shutoff when the cabinet door is left open or when the shredder’s waste bin is full. Features like these assist with the general user safety of the shredder. Some shredders might feature an automatic reverse function which saves the machine from experiencing the added wear and tear of paper jams and other maintenance issues.

Shredders can also come with a sleep mode that switches to standby mode after inactivity and the SilentShred feature which is responsible for minimizing disruption in shared workspaces. 

Shredders are equipped with an auto-start/stop sensor in the feed opening that senses papers in the opening slot and starts its operation immediately, an auto-cleaning feature that makes the maintenance of the shredder quite easy.

Now that you are well-versed on what shredders are and how to choose the perfect one, visit our site to find you a perfect one. CBM wishes you happy shopping and most importantly happy shredding!