Things We Should Know About Multi-media Shredders

Multimedia Shredders shred Security Level Cut Type Strip Cross Micro Cut Feed Opening Bin Capacity

Multi-media shredders are also called digital shredders that are high capacity shredder and high-security shredders that can be used for shredding floppy disks and other materials. With fraud on the rise, the demand to destroy multiple types of material has also gone up. Now, you might be wondering how to choose a multi-media shredder for your facility. Most media shredders are capable of handling the occasional paper clips, staples, and credit cards. However, what can be done with old CDs containing sensitive information? Or shredding floppy disks with former client records?

What can it shred?

We, at HSM shredders, have the answer for you! We present multi-media shredders that operate just like a paper shredder or industrial hard drive shredder and are capable of shredding different materials. Here are some points to consider when going shopping. The most important factor is "what?" We carry certain brands that manufacture specialty pharmacy shredders designed to firmly destroy cough containers, pill bottles, and adhesive labels. A good multimedia shredder is also a high-capacity shredder. It is also called a digital shredder that can shred aluminum cans, badges, cardboards, credit cards, floppy disks, USB flash drives, etc.

We have a wide range of multi-media shredders at HSM shredders that are capable of shredding multiple materials.

Which security level do you need?

The shredder security level is crucial in terms of privacy. Even though multimedia shreds cannot be reassembled once destroyed. Even then, picking a paper shredder security levels is beneficial and essential. Modern optical devices, like CDs and DVDs, are capable of holding colossal amounts of sensitive information. Once such devices are ready to be discarded, a multimedia shredder is ideal for eliminating them instead of throwing them out.

Shredders use a standard classification system depending upon the type of shredder. Some multimedia shredders are capable of shredding both papers and materials like CDs and DVDs. A higher number means better security. Therefore it is always recommended to pick a high-security shredder if destroying sensitive information.

Here is a breakdown of what each security level indicates:

  • Shredders with security level 2 are the most productive but also the least secure.

  • Shredders with security level p 3 and 4 are HIPAA compliant and do an excellent job protecting private information.

  • Security level p5 shredder7 are commonly used in state agencies to destroy sensitive data and top-secret document destruction.

At CBM, we have multimedia shredders capable of shredding both paper and optical media, so we use the classification system of P-2 through P-7 and O-2 through O-6.

Which Cut Type is More Secure?

Identity theft remains a significant consumer concern as criminals find new ways to steal information. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in 2017 alone, identity fraud victims hit a record of 16.7 million. Data stored on papers remains a common target for fraudsters. One in five data breaches is related to paper documents. The shredder cut type determines the security level and needs to be closely examined when selecting a shredder. There are three main cut types:

Strip Cut Type

The most important paper shredder cut types present within the market cuts the paper into roughly forty skinny strips. The limitation of this type is that it can be easily reassembled and decoded. P-1 and P-2 qualify as strip cuts. The lowest security cut type is used for shredding regular spam, day-to-day work documents, or non-sensitive information.

CrossCut Type

The cross-cut type, also known as the confetti cut, is more secure than the strip cut. It has twin blades that cut the paper lengthwise and widthwise; the shredded paper is tinier and harder to reassemble. P-3 and P-4 security levels come under the cross-cut type.

Micro-Cut Type

The Micro-cut type is the highest security cut type used for confidential and sensitive data. It works best for monetary institutions, government organizations, and the military. It shreds the documents in minuscule particles, which are impossible to reassemble.
Multimedia Shredders shred Security Level Cut Type Strip Cross Micro Cut Feed Opening Bin Capacity

At HSM, we also have shredders that are NSA-approved specified to meet the requirements of the National Security Agency. The shredded particles under NSA specification are small enough that no distinct characters can be made out of them, making it impossible to reassemble any document. Security levels P-6 and P-7 come under it.

Variation in Feed Opening Sizes

Most multimedia shredder feed openings can take maybe one or two pieces. If you are looking for a shredder that can allow a higher material capacity at once, then the feed opening size comes into play. It should be wide enough to accommodate multiple sheets or items without jamming. Some shredders are also auto-feed, which means that a stack of sheets can be placed on the tray, and the shredder will automatically shred all documents.

At CBM, we have a wide variety of multimedia shredders with different shredding speeds, sheet capacity, and feed opening sizes according to your needs!

Is Bin Capacity Important?

A shredder's capacity determines whether single or multiple users can use it. It also indicates whether it is an industrial level or a personal level shredder. Therefore, bin capacity needs to be looked at when shredder shopping. Bin capacity can range from 21 gallons to100 gallons, and depending on the usage; you can choose the size of the shredder.

At HSM, we have different type of paper shredder that come with three different types of waste bins, mounted on caster waste bin, pull out waste bin, and removable waste bin with varying capacities of the bin.