HSM ProfiPack 400 Cardboard Converter

Cardboard Shredder with 1 layer cardboard sheet capacity of 3/8" and 16.3" feed opening
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Profi C400
  • Category: Central Shredding Point/Archives
  • Feed Opening Size: 16.3”
  • Can Punch: Cardboard
  • Maximum Run Time: Continuous


HSM ProfiPack 400 Cardboard Converter is a revolutionary shredding product by HSM, the market leader in introducing innovative shredding solutions for consumers. This cardboard shredder converts any layer of cardboard to a soft, perforated layer of padding that works as an excellent padding material for packaging. This function has several benefits for the owner and environment. To start with, since packaging material is developed from discarded cardboard, packaging activities take a lesser toll on the environment as this is a recycling process. Furthermore, it saves money as industries need to spend less on padding for packaging material. Owing to its abilities, it is the perfect machine to have in a central shredding point or an archive where loads of material needs to be stored away in packaged form. ProfiPack 400 sports a continuous duty motor that allows for big jobs to be completed as soon as possible. To complement this powerful element, specially designed hardened cutting rollers are installed in it to provide the best results. A thermal fuse is in place in case the machinery gets overheated to the point of causing damage to itself. A large 16.3” throat ensures that even the largest of cardboard can be converted in a single operation. HSM 400 Cardboard Converter also features a helpful rocker switch that lets users reverse the motor in case cardboard gets jammed inside the shredding unit. This allows for jams to be clear jams within no time, solving a major issue faced by shredder owners. Despite its heavy machinery, it functions perfectly as a tabletop shredder with no disturbing vibrations and noise pollution.

Basic Attributes
Product NameHSM ProfiPack 400 Cardboard Converter
SKUProfi C400
Country of OriginGermany
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")14.13 x 23.25 x 14.5
Maximum Run Time (minutes)Continuous
Warranty1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, Lifetime Warranty on Cutting Cylinder
EAN Number4026631027915
Can ShredCardboard
CategoryCardboard Shredder, Industrial Shredder
Sheet Capacity1 Layer (3/8" of cardboard)
Shred Speed (ft./min.)26
Feed Opening (inches)16 1/3
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Light Grey


60 Hz

Driving power

1.54 kW


120 V

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14.125 in


23.25 in


14.5 in


82 lb


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