HSM V-Press 504 Bailing Press

HSM V-Press 504 Bailing Press

HSM V-Press 60 Manual Bailing Press

HSM V-Press 60 Manual Bailing Press

HSM V-Press 610 Bailing Press

HSM V-Press 610 Bailing Press

HSM V-Press 504 Bailing Press

Presser for economic disposal of packing waste

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V-Press 504
  • Speed: 3-6 bales/hour
  • Category:  Manufacturers/Retailers
  • Aperture: 660“ x 18.5“ x 27.5“
  • Bale Size: 27.55“ x 19.68“ x  23.6“
  • Can bale: Plastic foil, Cardboard

HSM V-Press 504 Baling Press is the most functional product to have in places dealing with large amounts of waste material. This powerful and robust baling press can compress the most common packaging materials like cardboard and plastic foils by up to 95%, which certainly is a phenomenal improvement for storage and waste management departments. The V-Press 504 Baling Press has the remarkable ability to compress up to 6 bales per hour, which is optimal for high volume applications. Its microprocessor controller unit is highly intuitive to use and can be used to select programs for different kinds of materials. It also comes with a handy trolley that is used to transport bales to their destination with ease. The HSM V-Press 504 also has an automatic start function, which means that the baling process starts as soon as material is fed into the compression compartment through its wide aperture and the lid is closed.

Basic Attributes
Product NameHSM V-Press 504 Bailing Press
SKUV-Press 504
Bale Size (H" x W" x D")23.6 x 19.68 x 27.55
Warranty1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
Bale Weight (lbs.)50
Country of OriginGermany
Dimensions (H" x W" x D")75.66 x 34.96 x 30.98
Loading Aperture Height (inches)18.5
Loading Aperture Width (inches)27.5
Specific Pressing Power (N/cm2)11.2
Strapping MaterialTape Strapping
Driving Power (kW)1.47
EAN Number4026631040228
Hourly Bale Output (units)3-6
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Model Name



Light Grey


60 Hz

Driving power

1.47 kW


120 V

Order number


EAN Code


Hourly bale output


Pressing power

40 kN

Specific pressing power

11.2 N/cm²

Cycle time in idle operation

27 s

Strapping material

Tape Strapping

Bale height

23.6 in

Bale width

19.68 in


75.66 in


34.96 in


30.98 in


661 lb

Loading aperture width

27.5 in

Loading aperture height

18.5 in

Bale length

27.55 in

Bale weight (max.)

50 lb

Loading height

660 in


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