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Shredder Guide

Why Get A Shredder?

Throwing important documents without destroying them can land you in deep trouble. Therefore, it is recommended that you shred documents before disposing them off, especially if they contain vital personal information that identity thieves can use. It is extremely important to have a document shredder at home and office. There are four main specifications which one should look at while buying shredders.

Tips To Choose A Right Paper Shredder

Security Level: There are different kinds of security levels under each type of paper shredder. According to the sensitivity of your documents, choose a paper shredder with the strip cut, cross cut, micro cut or high security technology.

Sheets Per Cycle: This indicates the actual power of the paper shredder. You need to know the number of sheets that a shredder destroys in the given cycle. It is important to find out if the shredder is delivering what it has promised.

Raw Power: More power means more sheets a paper shredder can destroy at once. It is measured in horse power and ranges from 1 up to 2 horse power.

Maximum Run Time: It is important to know the maximum run time of the paper shredder before it starts to heat up. Some shredders can run continuously for the whole day without taking a cool down break.

Duty Cycle: It is one of the most important factors that cannot be ignored at any cost as it determines the number of sheets a paper shredder can handle in one day. This factor will tell you if the shredder your buying will be able to serve its purpose or not.

The other factors that you might want to consider while buying a paper shredder are the size of the waste bin, full bin indicator, Auto-jam technology, SilentShred Technology, touch sensor technology for extra safety, auto on/off , Eco Smart technology and whether the paper shredder is for light use, medium or heavy.

Shredder Types

Strip-Cut Shredders (Level P-2): The paper is cut into long strips that run the length of the paper. These shredders are often found in homes or small offices, where documents are often non-confidential.

Cross-Cut Shredders (Level P-3): It cuts paper vertically and horizontally into lots of little squares. At this level you can shred all your office documents including staff's personal details, or any sensitive information that you don't want the outside world to see.

Super Cross-Cut Shredders (Level P-4): A cross-cut shredder of P-4 level will create particles of less than 4x40mm, making them virtually impossible to reassemble. IF your working in a law firm, anything less than this level shredder can put you in trouble.

L4 Micro-Cut Shredders (Level P-5): A micro-cut shredder will turn a stack of documents into 2x15mm tiny particles in no time. Highly sensitive information such as financial or medical documents can be disposed off with this cut style.

L5 Cross-Cut Shredders (Level P-6): Highly sensitive legal documents or forms with fine prints can use this cut style. These shredders produce confetti size shreds that range in size from dime-size pieces to needle-point pieces.

L6 High Security Cross-Cut Shredders (Level P-7): These shredders meet the NSA standards turning documents into dust. These shredders produce particles so small they can fit on the head of a pin.